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Why You Should Consider Our EXCLUSIVE MMJ Accelerated Patient Growth POSTCARD advertising Program

It’s because we already know where the majority of your customers are. They are the people in your neighborhood that are living a mile or so from your dispensary. And they are very important people because the majority of your income will come from them (Harvard University Study). 


Your Postcard marketing will pay for itself

The  patient response rate generated by our exclusive postcard marketing program averages 1% to 2 %... Typically, that's about 90 to 180 new MMJ patients for you. Since first-time patient purchases generally average $75 to $125 that means your postcard marketing program will pay for itself... and still make a profit for you. 



AT PENNIES PER CONTACT...Our POSTCARD MARKETING service includes EVERYTHING! We write the copy, create the design and artwork, print the postcards including all postage and permit costs and then deliver the POSTCARD MARKETING Ads to your prospects. In a hurry? ... From start to delivery is less than two weeks once you approve your artwork. 

HOW WE develop YOUR DISPENSARY'S postcard marketing program



Your postcard marketing program starts by drawing a one-mile circle around your exact location. Most dispensaries have about 7,000 households within that one-mile circle. Based on published statistics for the average household,  there are up to 20,000 of your prospects within that circle. This is your prime market. It will generate 60% to 70% of your income. In addition, our postcard marketing program also includes demographic info about the average income of the households for each postal route within your circle of influence.


2. your dispensary AND Products

After a discussion with you, we study your website, your Facebook page, your Weedmap listing and anything else you may supply. Our writers and artists design your postcard   advertisement and send you a proof for your review, approval or comments. 


3. Printing the Postcards and delivery to your prospects on the weekday you choose.

After we have received your final approval of the artwork,  your postcard  marketing advertisement is sent to our printing division and then to the Post Office nearest your location for delivery to prospects in your neighborhood. All postcard advertisements are delivered on the same day!

MMJ Postcard Marketing ... the most economical WAY to find new patients


Postcard Marketing... One-On-One Sales Call with a Prospect

Postcard marketing program advertisements provide your customers with something they can physically hold in their hands. Your postcard marketing program puts your promotional messages in front of potential patients from the moment it comes out of the mailbox... No envelope to open. No competition from other ads. 

Postcard Marketing Has Staying Power

A connection with your dispensary forms as patients hang your postcard marketing advertisement on their refrigerator or pin it to a bulletin board. Each time they see your marketing postcard, it sparks a reminder to contact or visit you. Often the postcard expands your marketing reach beyond your neighborhood when the recipient also recommends you to friends and family. 

Postcards Don’t Need to Be Opened to Be Read

Your recipients will see your message just by picking up their mail. No envelope to open, no pages to read. The other great thing about postcard marketing is that it reaches everyone you want without any wasted circulation. Due to the affordability, accuracy and selectivity of postcard advertising, you recover your expenses and start profiting quickly. The cards will keep patients coming for weeks after the mailing.  

Quickly Drive Traffic to Your dispensary

You can use postcards to drive traffic to your dispensary and quickly increase customer engagement. Postcards are ideal for brief, to-the-point messages for getting patients to visit your dispensary. All of our clients profit from our postcard mailing campaigns and many clients order repeat mailings for special occasions like 420 day, Memorial Weekend,  Valentines Day and others.

Postcard Marketing is Direct and to the Point

A postcard keeps your message focused. Unlike some printed marketing materials, such as folded leaflets or booklets, postcards are great for short, bold messages with a strong call to action. 

Postcards put your ad right in your prospect's hand

 For just pennies per contact… Our direct mail postcard marketing programs give you the incredible ability to put your ad right in the hands of EVERYONE who lives within your one-mile circle. Remember the majority of your dispensary's income will come from them.  All you have to do is let them know you are open for business. Weedmaps and word of mouth alone can’t do it.

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