How to quickly add new patients to your dental practice.


QUESTION:  If everyone living in your neighborhood knew about you, could your practice grow?  ANSWER: You bet it would!   



The majority of your income will be generated by the families who live in your neighborhood.


Look at the problem from the perspective of the new patient who is looking for a dentist. Maybe they have been nursing a toothache for a while? Or they're not happy with the color of their teeth? Perhaps they are new move-ins and want to connect with a great local dentist. No matter the reason, it's up to you to tell them why you are that dentist.


Our low-cost and very affordable neighborhood marketing campaigns cost less than a postage stamp per household.


The  patient response generated by our exclusive postcard marketing programs averages 1 to 2 %. 

For example:  A mailing program to 5000 households (approx. 15,000 neighbors) generally provides 50 to 100 new dental patient prospects for you. That's more than enough patients to pay for the program as well as producing a nice profit for you... year after year! 


Doctor, don't waste your valuable chairside time. Care for your patients while we do all the work developing your custom neighborhood program


We write the copy, create the artwork, print the postcards (including all postage and permit costs)  and then deliver them to your local post office... who will deliver them to EVERYONE in your neighborhood. 




Your postcard marketing process starts by our statisticians' establishing the bounds of your"neighborhood." Neighborhood size is a factor of household density, centering on your location. and extends out to the number of households you want to reach.  Remember, this is your prime market and statistically, it will generate more than 60% of your income. Demographic info will be contained in your proposal.



After a discussion with you, we study your website, your Facebook page and anything else you may supply. Our writers and artists design your neighborhood postcard advertisement with informative, effective copy and graphics specifically designed to produce a response from the recipient. We supply a proof for your review, approval or comments and make any changes your request. 



After we have received your final approval of the artwork, your  postcard marketing advertisement is first sent to our printing division and then to the Post Offices nearest your location for delivery to EVERY household within your neighborhood. 

postcard marketing brings patients to your practice...

8 Reasons Why Postcard Marketing Works So Well

Neighborhood Postcard Marketing is the most cost-efficient method to let EVERYONE in your neighborhood know about you and your practice. It is also the best way to get someone’s attention ... especially in the digital era. 

Following are just some of the many advantages and reasons why you should use postcards to develop a large, loyal patient base. 


#1 - Postcards are a One-On-One Sales Call with a Prospective Patient  

Postcard marketing postcards provide your prospective patients with something they can physically hold in their hands. It puts a promotional message in front of the patient from the moment it comes out of the mailbox... without any competition from other ads. 


#2 - Postcard Marketing Has Staying Power  

A connection with your practice forms as many prospective patients hang on their postcards. Each time they see your postcard, it sparks a reminder to interact, even if the interaction is merely looking up your website for more information. 


#3 – Postcards Don’t Need to Be Opened to Be Read  

Your  prospective patients will catch sight of your message just by picking up the mail. The other great thing about postcard marketing is that it reaches everyone you want without any wasted circulation or additional expense. Due to the affordability, accuracy and selectivity of postcard advertising, you will quickly recover your expenses. 


#4 - Quickly Drives Traffic to Your Practice  

You can use postcards to drive traffic to your practice and quickly increase customer engagement. Postcards are ideal for brief, to the point messages for getting  prospective patients to visit your store. Periodic scheduled mailings allow you to create a constant stream of new patients. 


#5 - Postcard Marketing is Direct and to the Point  

A postcard keeps your message focused. Unlike some printed marketing materials, like folded leaflets or booklets, postcards are great for short, bold messages with a strong call to action. 


#6 - Postcards Extend Your Advertising Reach  

Not only will your message be visible to your recipients, but it will be visible to all who encounter it before and after it reaches its intended destination. This gives you more chances of gaining traffic from many other sources. 


#7 - People Actually Read and Respond to Postcards  

It may come as a surprise to know that over 70 percent of households who receive postcards, act on them immediately in one way or another. Compared to the average online response rate, this figure is notable to say the least. 


#8 - Measurable Results  

It is extremely straightforward for you to track how successful your postcard promoting endeavors are. You know precisely how many postcards were mailed, and what number of new patients were created and what you earned for your services. 

Case History

 When Behnaz Raisdana, DDS, opened Auburn Family Dental in Wichita, Kansas, she expected to practice part-time for the first six to 12 months while staying on as an associate at another practice. She opened her startup practice on January 4, 2016. By March, she was extremely busy and scheduling patients so far out in advance that she switched to a full-time schedule and left her associate job. It's been quite a year for Dr. Raisdana. 

Generate ROI quickly by repeat communication with your neighborhood . Along with getting her startup practice up and running, she began a new patient acquisition plan that relied heavily on direct mail postcards to introduce herself to the  people in her neighborhood and to get patients in the door. She sent her first mailing-19,000 postcards to residents living within three miles of her practice about two weeks before opening day.

Dr. Raisdana: "Honestly, because of the postcard campaign, we were able to fill up the first week before we even opened." Since then, she has mailed 6,000 postcards every month, rotating through the same mailing list. She knows repetition is vital to marketing success, and she has reached every residence around her practice multiple times.

Dr. Raisdana: "We always get the most calls right after the postcards hit the homes. They hit the homes at the end of the month, and we always get those phone calls the last week of the month. That helps us fill our schedule for the following month."

Let's look at the details of her postcard campaign: 

β€’ Mailing list-Households within a three-mile radius of her office

β€’ Schedule-6,000 postcards monthly  at about $3,000 each (for six months)

β€’ Six Month Campaign cost-$18,445

In six months, Auburn Family Dental has seen 592 new patients and 350 of them came directly from postcard marketing not counting referrals from many of her new patients.. 

It's worth noting that Dr. Raisdana's ROI will only continue to grow from here, since these patients will be coming back for years. 

Those regular, consistent mailings helped Dr. Raisdana build a lot of momentum: In the early months, she was seeing an average of 64 new patients per month. Now she averages 100. 

Dr. Raisdana is set to mail postcards to a whole new area west and southwest of the neighborhoods she's currently reaching. She expects that strategy to bring in even more new patients.

It is a good idea to train your staff to track new patients to continually improve return on investment

Dr. Raisdana gives her staff a lot of credit when it comes to her success. A detail-oriented staff is key to converting new callers into appointments and tracking referral sources, not to mention patient retention. 

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